Funniest Deez Nuts Jokes & Memes That’ll Lift Your Mood Instantly

Definitely, there are multiple kinds of jokes that makes your mood lively but when it comes to Deez Nuts Jokes, the situation is quite different. To be really honest, Deez Nuts Jokes are not really funny but surely it tricks the other people and that’s why it makes you laugh.

Just Scroll below to get some of the best Deez Nuts Jokes that you can crack on your friends.

But first, let me explain the theory behind Deez Nuts Jokes.

What is Deez Nuts Joke?

In 1992, a song “Deeezz Nuuts” was released and with the song, “Deez Nuts Jokes” originated. The purpose of these jokes is to ask a question to a person and it replies crack a word “DEEZZZZ NUTTS and sometimes Deez Nuts on your face as well. Indeed, Deez Nuts Jokes are one of the most popular jokes in the USA.

Not only the jokes but also Deez Nuts Memes and Deez Nuts Guy is very popular among the teens and old people.

Here are some of the best Deez Nuts Jokes.

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Best Deez Nuts Jokes

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“Do you like tulips?”
“Yeah, why?”
Because you’re going to love your two lips on DEEZ NUTS!!”
“Do you like one direction?
Because the only direction DEEZ NUTS are going is in your mouth!”
“Do you like CD’s?”
“See Deez nuts!!”

Deez Nuts Jokes

“Ask someone “Do you want to see BofA?” They respond “Sure, why not?” You then call out “BofA Deeeeeez Nuts!” It is then up to you whether you honor their request to actually see BofA”
“Do you prefer McDonald’s or Wendy’s?”
“When Deez nuts are in your mouth!!!”
“Hey, I heard you like Dee.”
“Dee who?”
“Deez nuts!!!”
“Who would win a fight?
Spiderman or all 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles???”
“Hey man whats your favorite side dish for Thanksgiving???”
-“I love stuffing”
-” Yeah, well how about STUFFING DEEZ NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH”

Deez Nuts Guy

“Hey, man are you leaving??????
Leaving what????
“Hey man, you get the I-place 2 yet?
What’s that?????
Its when I place 2 of Deez Nuts in your mouth”
“Hey, are you sticking?
Stickin what???
“Hey man, you like Chef Boyardee???
Well, boy are Deez nuts in your mouth!”
“Stuck in traffic yesterday I pranked three Philadelphia area Apple stores asking them if they could help me with the I place. Which is when I place Deez nuts in their mouth. If you happen to also get bored this is a great way to pass the time. Trust me.”

Deez Nuts Memes

“ Can you help me with the iPut4G?
The iPhone4G?
No, I put four Deez nuts in your mouth.
… but no one’s got the balls to back that one up, literally.”
“Hey, man can you handle it,
handle what?
Handle Deez Nuts in yo mouth!”
“How about berries, you like Berries??????
–Yeah I love em
Well, how about when I bury Deez nuts in your mouth!”
“Trivia question—–Chicago is known as the ______________ city????
They say–Windy
Correct!! You win DEEZ NUTSS”
“Hey man, you know that chick Shirley??

Best Deez Nuts Jokes

“yo, what was the main characters name in Pokémon????
I think it was Pikachu…
Yeah well why don’t you PEEK and Chew on DEEZ NUTSSSS”
“Hey who was that dude who used to coach the Falcons???
You mean Mora???? Yeah, well how about Mora DEEZ NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH”
“whats it called when you have to replace your ball in golf???? You mean a drop??? Yeah, just like when I drop DEEZ NUTS in your mouth”
“Hey, you know that pitcher for the Brewers Parra?? Yeah, Manny Parra what about him?
How you feel about Many Pairs a Deez Nuts in your mouth!”
“Yo, the dude on the U.S soccer team his last name is Donovan right, what’s his first name??? I think its Landon… Yeah well, how Deez nuts landing in your mouth.”
“Yo dude you like the girl scout cookies Samoas????
Of course, I do their delicious.
Well then do you like Some mo a Deez Nuts in your mouth!”
“Can I make a deposit here—-
Deposit what????
Deposit Deez Nuts in yo mouth”
“Apple put out this new thing to go with the iPod and Ipad its called the I place……….Its when I place Deez nuts on your chin”
“Yo you go any room in there????
In where????
In yo mouth for DEEZ NUTS BITCH!”
“Inspired by KFC…….do this at the drive-thru window I want to double down!! huh Double down on DEEZ NUTS”
“I need you to assemble…
assemble what?????
Assemble DEEZ NUTS in your mouth”
“Yo be quiet and listen????
Listen to what????

So, these are the funniest Deez Nuts jokes from Jokes Company.

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