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70 Most Funny Kid Jokes You Should Know As a Parent

Without any single doubt, Kids are natural jokers. If you want to keep the little ones happy then you must have to do exactly the same what they really want. The best way to change their moods is the old school storing telling approach. Not only that but funny jokes can also play a great role in making your life easier. Here is the compilation of some wonderful kid jokes that can solve all your issues.

Indeed these kids jokes are quite exciting and for parents, it a great addition to keep young boys and girls happy with these funny kid jokes.

70 Funniest Kid Jokes

Here are the best kid jokes for you. Our compilation comprises knock-knock jokes, most funny jokes, school jokes & baby jokes.

1- Why do babies not talk?

Because they have invisible yam in their mouth.

2-What do you call a deer with no legs and arms?

Still no idea.

3-Waiter waiter

Why is there a foot on my cake?

Because you told me to stamp on it. 

4-Why doesn’t the egg man climb up walls

Because he always falls off. 

5- What’s the difference between a ps4 and an Xbox One?

The name.

6- What has eight legs eight heads and 8 arms?

= 8 men. 

7- Why are fish so smart?

Because they have water in their brains.

8- Did you hear about the goblin with no head

He’s ok now. 

9- What 2 thing make a girl happy ??

I love you and 50% discount. 

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10- Knock Knock ;
Whose there?
it is me
it is who now

it’s me

what am I here for


I forgot well, go away because I am going to the shop.
can I come?

I will be not annoying.

Kid Jokes

11- How were plants born?

By cows milk. 

12- What did the x box say to the Wii?

Your old and I am new. 

13- What do you call a pea without eyes?

A bogey. 

14- What do you do when a pigeon poops on your nose?

Poop on the pigeon’s nose and never look back. 

15- Doctor doctor! I feel cold!

Then pull yourself together man!

16- Why does my uncle Kevin have a run every day?

Because he wants to have a bit of “me” time. 

17- Why was 10 afraid of 20?

Because 20 is 10 times more than 10.

18- Knock knock- Knock knock

I’m coming!!!!


Are you Kim’s mother?

I’m her English teacher.

Can I get inside?


…schools closed last week …
however, you’ll give me my money. 

19- This is a riddle:

If the third player took over the second player what would the second one become?


20- Why did the turkey go on the plane To go to turkey?
21- Why is a brown bear brown?

Answer: Because every winter he goes in a hole.

22- What did the flashlight say to the car?

Stop it I am changing.


23- 20 people in a pool duck their heads under the water. Then 24 heads come up how is this possible?
Twenty foreheads.

Come up! That’s funny but if you don’t understand ask someone to explain it to you!

24- Knock knock

who’s there?
The guy who works all day.
The guy who works all day who

I wake up I shower I go to work I work all day I go home I sleep

25- Whats black and white and red all over?

A newspaper because it’s black and white and its read by u.

I know that

I spelled read like red so that it made it more harder 2 understand.

26- A man went to a bar

Yeah give me a whiskey because I broke up whit my wife

27- What does a monkey keep as a secret

Their bananas

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28- Once a boy took an egg and his mother asked what are you doing with that egg he did not answer she thought he will eat it but he cracked it on the floor he took the shell and fill it with water.
29- A hen had laid an egg and it falls from the tree. There is water on one side and land on the other. Where will that egg  In water or on land?

The hen doesn’t lay egg.

30- Nat: what do you call a flower that runs on electricity?
Wyatt: what?
Nat: a power plant.
31- Jena: where do hamburgers go dancing?
Smith: where?
Jena: the meatball.
32- Sister: what are you giving mom and dad for Christmas?
Brother: a list of everything I want.
33- Question: Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because they use honeycombs!

33- Travis: where do polar bears vote?
Anthony: where?
Travis: the north poll

Jokes for kids

34- Chris: did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
Bryan: no. How is it?
Chris: it had great food, but no atmosphere.

35- Lisa: what do you call a melted snowman?
Paul: what?
Lisa: water.
36- Saruman: what do you call a male hurricane?
Gandalf: I don’t know. What?
Saruman: a himicane.
37- Caleb: did you hear about the guy who got hit by a can of Pepsi?
Al: no. Is he ok?
Caleb: yes. Luckily, it was a soft drink.
38- Knock knock.

Who’s there?

A little old lady?

A little old lady who?

I didn’t know you could yodel!

39 – A cop in the middle of the street found a banana and then there’s a thief then they talk,

Thief: my banana!

Cop: no my banana!

Cop: I found it first!

Thief: oooooooooooah i give up!

40- How do you hire a teddy bear?
Put him on stilts!
(if you don’t get it hire as make tall if you still don’t get it sorry for the inconvenience)
41- Knock Knock
who there
alice who
it is Monday go to school.
42- How do you get a tissue to dance?

You put a little boogie in it (don’t try this at home anybody) 

43- What does a friendly neighbor do to you? you a PlayStation 4.
2.he doesn’t care when your stealing.
3.he gave you his credit card.
4.he’s kind but he got nothing now.
44- Hey whats for dinner cow

Poo sir it is the French way. 

45- Docter Docter

I hit my head

What do you want me to do stupid. 

46- Do you like ice cream?

Then maybe you should marry it. 

47- Monkey Joke

Q- what keys cant you play piano?

Ans-  A monkey. 

48- Knock knock.
Who’s there?
A fis.
A fis who?
A fisherman.
Go away! I already have hundreds of fish.
 49- Which one born first hen or egg?

Hen is first. 

50– Knock knock
whos there
bob humbug!
bob humbug who?
naughty bob humbug.

Funny Kid Jokes

51- Crocodiles might be vegetarians because when they open their mouths, we could easily put in vegetables!
52- What do you call a camel with no bones in his back

A horse. 

53- Knock knock
who’s there?


Rat who?
Your new doctor.

54- A man always laughing his name is Willson.
1 day a friend of Willson ask him:

why you always happy?
Willson looks his friend and slaps his friend and that day Willson never laugh because Willson is a ghost now.

55- What do you call a person who is yellow?

A cheese statue 

56- What makes a superhero fly?

Hero dust.

57- Boring right

What did one wasp say to the other?

Whatttt’s up.

58- Why is the pool so cold?

Because of the sun. 

59- What do you call a tiger with glasses on?

A scientist tiger. 

60- Knock Knock
[Knock Knock who? ]

call again please I need a poo. 

61- If a cow screams just because there’s a tiny little mouse what do you think another cow would say to the scared little cow
”what you’re scared of a little mouse? Its smaller than you, you’re a coward
62- Knock Knock
who’s there?


what chicken?

A friendly chicken.

63- Is Hermione in harry potter hot?
yes she is. 
64- A man goes to the doctor and said “doctor

I think I have something stuck in my throat

so the doctor said “let’s take an x-ray

”(this doctor did not know about spines)“

I see the problem a bone is there”

65- Why did the skittle go bowling?

Because he is part of bowling.

66- ‘waiter do you have frog legs?

No I’ve always had ketchup legs with poo on them.

67- Question: Why do bees have black stripes?

Answer: They live in the dark.

68- What will happen if you added water ice fire and food


69- Knock knock
who’s there

Boiled who

70- Question: what do you call a lady with a lady with marmalade on her head.Answer: Margret.

So, these are some of the funniest jokes for kids. I hope you have enjoyed it. For more corny jokes, visit Jokes Company.

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