Funny Lame Jokes & Pick Up Lines That’ll Make You Laugh Hard

funny lame jokes

Well, jokes have certainly no boundaries and it is only for release some stress out of your life. Lame Jokes are also a great option for you to make your mood light and fresh. Therefore, here is the compilation of best lame jokes and riddles for you.

So, lets the party begin.

Funniest Lame Jokes

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“Did you know you can tell the gender of an ant by throwing it in water? : If it sinks, girl ant. If it floats, buoyant.”
“How do you make a joke into a dad joke
Make the punchline apparent.” 

Lame Jokes and riddles

“If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple “thank you” is all I need. : Not all this “how did you get in my house??!!!” business.” 
“If you want to know if a Girl has strength,
try removing her trouser when she knows she is
wearing a Dirty pant.”
“Do you ever just stare at
an incoming call as your phone rings,
waiting for it to Hang up so you can continue using your phone???” 
“Someone just asked me if I could go back to JSS1′ if offered 20 million dollars. Hmm…
I think I will go back sha, but not really because of the money. There are some topics I didn’t understand very well that time,” 

Lame Jokes

“Davido said 30 billion for the account.
You will hear Girls shouting only that part.
My dear, you didn’t hear when he said I go Chuk
you Chukuchuku oo?” 
“When You Want to Charge your phone In a
Football Viewing center and You Mistakenly Off the DSTV during the penalty shootout.
then you remember when your mum always tell you that your phone will kill you one day ?.
The moment has finally come…
Just get ready to die” 

Most Lame Joke You Ever Heard

“Some boys will wake up 2 am to pee and
they will post “Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep”
Idiot Who are You Deceiving???” 

Funniest Yo Mama Jokes

“You will tell a guy you’re single and he will be like
“That can’t be TRUE”
Uncle, if you want toast, toast, don’t be dragging my singleness with me,
Is it your singleness??” 
“People on WhatsApp that
their status has been
“At the gym” for the past 3yrs.
Please are you preparing
to destroy the world?” 

best lame jokes

“If all women in the world decide
to pause sex until the cure of HIV/AIDS is found, Men will eventually find the cure before 30 days” 
“If u can shave the eyebrow completely and draw them back with an eye pencil.
don’t ask for money to fix your hair.
coz u can equally barb your hair bald and
draw the weave-on of your choice.” 
“Some gals say they want a man
who opens a door for them,
they want a man who points for them for where to sit…
they want a man who handles lots of cash,
but my sister why are u busy seriously
ignoring conductor???
Or are u blind or something???” 

More Lame Jokes…

Here are some more lame jokes and riddles for you.

“Some guys cannot study for a simple 2years and obtain masters. degree
but they can date a gal for 5years claiming that they are still
studying her…
Bro u must
be awarded Ph.D. for foolishness.” 
“If your girlfriend is always looking good
but you know perfectly well that u
haven’t contributed anything towards that,
Bro u are not different
from a security man guarding a

“Make hay while the sun shines is when you’re offered 7.1million Naira for sex
And you refused
But on your way home,
You got raped.
Kuku kill me” 
“That moment when your battery has 2% life left and seeing your landlord upload pictures of him and his family on Facebook.
Wanting to impress him,
you quickly commented “cute people”
but auto correct changed it to “cult people” and your battery went off.
See, don’t bother explaining, just look for another house” 
“Some guys will intentionally not put chairs in their room so that when a lady comes to visit,
she will have no other option than to sit on the bed.” 
“You bought iPhone 8 this morning and in the evening it fell into the water…
Don’t worry too much,
just take the earphone and hang your self
Village people at work.”
“That moment when you’re drunk
and want to jump across a gutter
not knowing you are about to jump off third mainland bridge.” 
“A guy has refused to go home
simply because he posted on Facebook;
“A father that is not like Dangote, is that one a father”
and his father liked it” 
“I saw a 7 year old girl singing
“My money,
my body na ur own baby”
when I was her age I was singing
” My head my shoulders, my kneel my toes,
they all belong to God” “
“My mom asked my girlfriend if she can Cook,
Then she smiled and replied,
” Mummy I cooked the tea we drunk at home this morning”
my mum is still looking for where to faint
cos our dog fainted where she suppose to faint”
“Girl: Dad, whats better?
To pass or to fail?
Dad: To pass obviously!
Girl: oh my God!
You’ll be proud of me because I passed my pregnancy test

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