Funny Pizza Jokes,Quotes, Riddles & Pick Up Lines For Pizza Lovers

Pizza Jokes and Riddles

Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods in the world. It is consumed by millions on a daily basis and despite that, you will hear funny pizza jokes. So, we also decided to compile a package of pizza jokes and riddles for you.

Moreover, find some of the best pizza memes, puns and saying here as well.

Funny Pizza Jokes & Pick Up Lines

Here are some of the best pizza puns and riddles for you.

“Whatโ€™s the difference between a pizza and our pizza jokes?
Our pizza jokes canโ€™t be topped!”
“Want to hear a joke about pizza?
Never mind, itโ€™s too cheesy.”

Pizza Jokes and Riddles

“What did the teacher say about the pizza student?
Thereโ€™s mushroom for improvement!”
“How do you fix a broken pizza?
With tomato paste.”
“What do a florist and the pizza delivery guy have in common?
They can both smell it, but they canโ€™t eat it!”

Bad Jokes & Pick up Lines

“What do you call a sleeping pizza?
A pizza.”
“What does an aardvark like on its pizza?
“What does a pizza say when it introduces itself to you?
Slice to meet you!”
“How do you get the college grad off your front porch?
Pay for the pizza!”

More Pizza Jokes

Get some more spicy pizza jokes and quotes.

“Why did the man go into the pizza business?
He wanted to make some dough.”
“What did the parmesan say when it broke up with the mozzarella?
Sorry, but Iโ€™m just too mature for you.”

Pizza Jokes

โ€œWaiter, will my pizza be long?
No sir, it will be round!โ€
“Whatโ€™s a pizza makerโ€™s favorite song?
Slice, Slice Baby”

Poop Jokes and One Liners

“What does a pizza wear to smell good?
“Pizza chefs earn a meager celery, cumin home beat they just want to read the pepper a spend a little thyme with the kids.”
“What is a dogโ€™s favorite pizza?
“What did the pepperoni say to the cook?
You wanna pizza me?”
“What kind of pizza do you order on Christmas?
Cheeses Crust.”

Pizza Riddles

“What did the pizza say to the gorgeous topping?
I never SAUsage a beautiful face!”
“Did you hear the latest pizza joke?
Nah, never mind, it’ss too cheesy!”
“Why aren’t pizza chefs allowed to play baseball?
They’re always trying to steal a basil!”
“How do you fix a broken pizza?
With tomato paste!”
“When can a pizza marry a hot dog?
After they have a very frank relationship!”
“Where do pepperonis go on vacation?
The Leaning Tower of Pizza.”
“Whats a dogs favorite pizza?
“Why did the baker open a pizza shop?
He wanted to make some extra dough.”
“Q: Why did Johnny go into the pizza business?
A: He wanted to make some dough.”
“Q: How do you get a musician off your front porch?
A: Pay for the pizza.”
“Q: What do pizza lovers order?
A: Truly Madly Deep Dish Pizza.”
“Q: Why did Pizza Hut stop delivering pizza to the ghetto?
A: Because they were told that Dominoes were always getting played!”

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