102 “Yo Mama Jokes” That Make You Laugh Hard

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Best Yo Mama Jokes

Funniest Yo Mama Jokes

Without any doubt, these are the best Yo Mama Jokes you will get on the internet world.

1- Yo Momma so poor she hangs the Toilet paper out to dry.
2- Yo! mama is so ugly.,
she makes the devil himself wanna go to church,!
3- Yo Mama is so fat I picture here in my head and the bitch broke my head.
4- Yo momma so ugly even Rice Krispies won’t talk to her.
5- Yo momma so ugly I took her to the zoo, the guy at the door said “Thanks for bringing her back.
6- Yo momma like Chinese food: sweet, sour and cheap!
7- Yo mama so stupid, she took a couple of Ibuprofen because she thought she had Bieber Fever.· 
8- Yo mama’s glasses are so thick she can see into the future.
9- Yo momma so dumb she thought “Boys 2 Men” was a daycare center.
10- Yo mama’s so ugly she looks out the window and got arrested for mooning.
11- Yo mama is so fat she comes from both sides of the family.
12- Yo mama’s so old, she knew Burger King while he was still a prince.
13- Yo mama’s so dumb she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept.
14- “I was not that drunk” …”Dude you asked me for a ride home when the party was at your house”
15- Yo mama so fat she sits next to everyone in the cinema.
16- His mom is so poor the ducks throw bread at her
17- “Dude that song is so old” “So is your mom, but you still listen to her!”
18- Yo mama is so ugly even bob the builder said he could fix her.
19- Yo mama is so fat that she left the house in high heels and cameback wearing flip-flops. 

Yo Mama Jokes

20- Yo mama is so stupid that told her birthday was around the corner she went looking for it.
21- Your momma so black I have to put night vision goggles on to see her.v

22- Yo mama so black when she gets out the street lights come on.
23- Yo mama soooooo dark I clicked on her profile pic and thought my phone died!!!
24- Yo mama’s so poor she opened up a Gmail account just to eat the spam!
25- YoMomma so ugly i pressed her face into a dough and made gorilla cookies
26- Yo mama so stupid, she brought a spoon to the super bowl.. 
27- Yo mama so stupid she thought a snapback was a snapping turtle.
28- YoMomma is so Fat , she doesn’t hunt for Easter Eggs , she hunts for Easter Bunnies
29- Yo MaMa is so ugly that her birth certificate contains an apology letter from the condom factory.
30- Yo mama is so old that when she was young rainbows were black and white. 
31- Yo Mamas so dark when I went to her profile picture, I thought my phone died!
32- Yo mama is so fat she asked for a water bed and people put a blanket over the ocean.
33- Yo mamma’s so fat, she tripped on 4th Avenue and landed on 12th 

34- Yo mama so stupid she tried to climb mountain dew.
35- Yo mama So fat when she saw a school bus she say “look a bite-size twinkie.
36- Yo mama so bald head she took a shower and got brainwashed.
37- Yo mama so ugly she makes blind kids cry.
38- Yo mama so dumb when your dad said let’s go rock the bed she said: “where do we get the rock, honey.”
39-Yo mama so fat Dracula drank her blood and got type 2 diabetes.
40-Yo mama is so ugly she scared the shit out of the toilet.
41- Yo mama so black when she gone to night school they mark her absent.
42- Yo mama so black, when she get in the car everybody think ya’ll have tinted windows.
43- Yo mama is so dumb she tried to drown a fish.
44- yo mamma is so fat, she doesn’t need the Internet, she’s already worldwide.

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45- Yo mamma so fat the horse on the polo shirt is real.
46- Your mama is so fat she stepped on a scale and it said syntax error.

Yo Momma Jokes

47-  Yo mama so fat that when she put a yellow raincoat on she looked like a big fat school buss

48- Yo mama so fat that when she was in the shallow end of the pool she saw mobiedick he said we r family even though you are fatter than me!
49- Your mama so fat at the movie she’s sat next to everybody.
50- Yo mama so fat she was baptized in SeaWorld.
51- Yo mama is so fat when she jumps in the air she gets stuck!!!!!!!!
52- Yo mama is so ugly when she was a baby the used to feed her with a slingshot
53- Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a mattress store and sleep on the floor
54- Yo mama so ugly when she walk in the kitchen rats scream AHHHHHHH
55- Yo mama’s so fat, she don’t take pictures, she takes posters.
56- Yo mama so ugly when she walks in the bathroom the toilet flush by itself.
57- Yo mama so old, she is looking 4 where she can sign after withdrawing money from the ATM.
58- Yo mama so old her birthday is in Roman numerals
59- Yo mama is so fat when she sat on my monster truck in turned into a low rider
60- Yo momma is so fat, her left thigh is still stuck in 2017 !!!!!!
61- Yo mama so fat, she sat on a dollar and made 4 quarters.. LOL

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62- Yo mama so fat she plays Temple Walk.
63- Yo mamma so hairy her son got carpet burn when he was born.”
64- “Yo mamma is so thin when she turn sideways she disappears!!!” 
65-“Your momma so fat that she has to pull down her pants to get in her pocket.
66- Your momma so fat that you have to catch 2 trains and 1 bus just to get on her good side,
67-  your momma so fat that when she farted she caused global warming”
68- “Yo mammas so fat that when she stepped on a scale it said to be continued….
69- Yo mama so fat when she broke her legs instead of a wheelchair she was given a wheel bench.
70- Yo mama so fat that when she wears a yellow raincoat people yell ” taxi”
71- Yo mama’s so stupid, she thinks Christmas Wrap is Snoop Dogg’s holiday album.
72- Yo Momma is so fat, she takes her picture with Google Earth.
73- Yo mama is so fat even blind people can see her

funny yo mama jokes

74- Yo mama is so stupid, if you gave her a penny for her thoughts, you would get change back.
75- Yo mama jokes never get old, unlike your mama!
76- Yo mama’s so stupid, she bought a glass door with a peephole.
77- Just added my son as a friend on Facebook and his status said “WTF mom” It’s so cute of him that he greeted me w/ “Welcome To Facebook mom!
78- Yo mamas so fat her pictures are heavy!”
79- “Yo family so poor I stepped on a light cigar on yo floor and they all said who turned off the heat”
80- “Yo mamma is soooo moody the McDonalds where she works doesn’t serve Happy Meals”
81- “yo mama so stink the dump got outranked”
82- “Yo mamma so big and stupid, she like mansion wide & tall , but no furniture in the top floor!”
83- “Ur Mama’z So hairy , She made Donkey Kong looked Bald”
84- “Your mamma is so old When She breastfeeds Its like powder”
85- “Yo mamma so fat she fell in love and broke it! Yo mamma so fat she sat on a rainbow it rained skittles!
86- Yo mamma so dumb she got hit by a parked car” 
87- “Yo mama is so fat that it takes 100 days to walk halfway around her”. 
88- “Yo mamma is so fat when she goes to KFC they ask what bucket she says the one on the roof”.
89- Yo mama’s so ugly she looks out the window and got arrested for mooning.
90- Yo mama is so dumb, she bought tickets to see XBOX LIVE,
91- Yo mamas so fat that when she went on the elevator trying to go up instead she made the elevator go down. 
92- Your mama is loud people from China can hear her talking. 
93- Yo mama so dumb she went to the movies n dey told her under 17 not admitted, she went and got 16 of her friends!!
94- I think my daughter wants to be a policewoman when she gets older … She has a pair of handcuffs under her bed.
95- My son got a tattoo of a green leaf on his arm today. I’m so glad he cares about the environment!
96- YoMomma So fat she could sell shade.
97- Yo mama is so dark u only c her when she smiles.
98- My son has quite the culinary skills. He’s always baking brownies for his friends to buy.
99- Whenever my daughters boyfriend is over all I hear is “Baby, baby, baby oooh!!!” They must really love Justin Bieber!
100- I felt so bad for my son randomly getting sick today that I got him that new Call of Duty game!
101- Yo mama so dumb she tried to kill a bird by throwing it down a cliff.
102- Yo mama is so stupid that she climbed over a glass wall to see what was behind it…

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